MOBILITY#2 | 2018
Parallèles//Obliques | 交差する平行線 |
Tokyo Crossed Parallels
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Parallèles // obliques | 交差する平行線 | Crossed parallels

Echangeur22 Mobility Program in Japan, 2018 2018.11.21-12.2
Sumiyoshicho Arai bldg. (Yokohama, Japan)

Guillaume Barborini
Alexandre Kato
Flavie L.T.
Anne Leigniel
Won Jy
Takashi Nakajima
Shotaro Yoshino

Special Screening:
Thiago Antonio
2017, 22min
11.21wed, during reception detailed screening schedule will be displayed on-site

Anne Leigniel

Sumiyoshicho Arai bldg.
231-0013 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Sumiyoshicho, 3 Chome 28

Co-curated by Viviana Birolli and Masamichi Tamura Echangeur 22 and by Naoya Ikeda Ike Atelier, architect

The exhibition Parallèles obliques | Crossed parallels gathers together six contemporary artists linked by their common participation to the artistic residency Echangeur 22: Guillaume Barborini, Alexandre Kato and Flavie LT., French, Won Jy, Korean living and studying in France, Takashi Nakajima and Shotaro Yoshino, Japanese.
Since 2015, Echangeur 22 weaves a network of international exchanges between France, Brazil, Japan and Korea through a series of initiatives involving artists, curators, researchers, public and private institutions. Amongst these actions aiming to promote a broader circulation between different artistic and cultural approaches, Echangeur 22 summer residency program selects every year a panel of French, Brazilian and Japanese artists called to share for 6 weeks a common space of life and creation in Saint-Laurent des Arbres, in the South of France.
Echangeur 22 Mobility Program extends the creative momentum of the annual residency in France by a series of exhibitions and displays organised in France, in Brazil and in Japan. Through the international mobilisation of artists and artworks, E22 Mobility program fosters a larger reflection on the mobile nature of contemporary art practices, involving artists as well as curators and institutions and nurturing new protocols of art production (dematerialization, delegation, statements), communication and exhibition.
Parallèles obliques (Crossed parallels) translates the core principles of Echangeur 22 action through an impossible geometric and geographic figure: the crossed parallels of the title being a strong metaphor of the rich and at the same time always imprecise, whether impossible meeting and hybridization between different languages, traditions and cultures.
For this exhibition, French artists Guillaume Barborini, Alexandre Kato and Won Jy will be facing a new social and artistic panorama while working for an entire month in Tokyo, as well as Japanese artists Takashi Nakajima and Shotaro Yoshino did during their monthly residency in France, respectively in 2015 and 2017. On her side, Flavie LT. will display a work conceived in France but personally installed in Japan.
Thus, the notions of displacement, shifting, mobility and translation are naturally at the centre of the exhibition, together with the idea of ideal projection of a work in an unknown space, of an idea in a new artistic and cultural ground.
The network of links that the artists have been creating during the conception in-situ of the exhibition shapes the idea of inhabiting a space as an echo chambers, where the margin of error is as rich and useful as any performed gesture: the gap, the ma as a fertile space, the margin of error of an open feedback as condition of exchange, movement and creation.
Marking the first major exhibition of ECHANGEUR22 in Japan, Paralleles obliques / Crossed parallels is held at Sumiyoshicho Arai building in Yokohama, an old concrete office building, built in 1961 as part of Japan's post-war urban redevelopment initiative to subsidize anti-fire thick concrete structures in densely populated metropolitan areas. Along with Yokohama city's effort to preserve and reactivate this unique architectural legacy, Sumiyoshicho Arai building was designated as a site of the city's "Art Estate" projects in 2016, and with three architects' offices and an artist studio, the building has since hosted art events to promote creative and communal activities in neighbourhood.

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