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ECHANGEUR22 is a non-profit association that supports emerging contemporary artists along with a residency programme that aims to encourage collaborations between pairs or groups of three artists from different countries and cultures.
ECHANGEUR22 is a projected residency that aims to  bring together artists from different countries  and cultures, with a focus on encouraging artistic encounters.

An annual residency program::

6 weeks, 3 nationalities (Japan/Brazil/France), 3 workshops/residencies,

The objective of the residency is to encourage artists who share a common language to create or experiment together. It offers them technical and financial means to test, produce and develop new ideas with a transcultural dimension, while establishing strong links with the host area through various activities, such as workshops and public conferences.

Establish an interdisciplinary, intercultural forum for the production of contemporary art
Foster projects with an international perspective that are closely connected to the host area
Create relationships between artists from various cultures and local audiences

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